1990 Donruss Puzzle and Cards Cello Box

1990 Donruss Puzzle and Cards Cello Box

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24 Packs Per Box, 37 Cards Per Pack

The 1990 Donruss set contains 716 standard-size cards. The card fronts feature bright red borders. Subsets include Diamond Kings (1-27) and Rated Rookies (28-47). The set was the largest ever produced by Donruss, unfortunately it also had a large number of errors which were corrected after the cards were released. Most of these feature minor printing flaws and insignificant variations that collectors have found unworthy of price differentials. Rookie Cards of note include Juan Gonzalez, David Justice, John Olerud, Dean Palmer, Sammy Sosa, Larry Walker and Bernie Williams.

Product Highlights

  • 24 Packs Per Box
  • 37 Cards Per Pack
  • Look For Sammy Sosa Rookies
  • Look For Juan Gonzalez Rookies
  • Look For David Justice Rookies