(9/3) "Chronicles of Illusions" PART II

(9/3) "Chronicles of Illusions" PART II

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Super fast sell-out on the first "Chronicles of Illusions" so here we go again!  Fill this break up and it'll rip Thursday evening...

10 Spots / 3 Randomized Teams per spot / $48 per spot

Included in this break:

2019-20 Chronicles MEGA Box (Will we find a Red Obsidian?)

2019-20 Chronicles Blaster Box (w/exclusive Pink parallels & Rookies & Stars)

2019-20 Chronicles Hanger Box Pack (w/excluive Green Parallels & Classics)

[x2] 2019 Chronicles Retail Fat Pack (w/exclusive Bronze and Score)

2019-20 Illusions Blaster Box (w/Exclusive Emerald & Ruby parallels!)

[x3] 2019-20 Illusions Retail Fat pack (Looking for Orange/Teal Parallels)


If you missed out on the previous "Chronicles of Illusions" break, this break is just what you need! If you had fun with us on the first one, hurry and get your spot in this one. You never know what monster will pop out with DCS Breaks! Be sure to join the DCS Breaks Group on Facebook to stay up to date on when our breaks post.


Our breaks are designed for free local pickup (Be sure to select that option at checkout).  If you need the cards shipped, there will be an additional charge.